I have a very important request.

As part of our company's new Digital First push, they're really wanting us to use Twitter and such. They've started a sort of competition amongst the newsrooms that whoever gets the largest percentage increase of followers on Twitter gets a $2000 bonus to spread amongst their news staff. Obviously, this is something I want.

Where you guys come in is here. Can you please please please follow my Twitter and The Dispatch's Twitter? And can you pass this along to your friends and ask, as well? I believe they tally everything at the end of the month but I'm not certain exactly when, in the case you want to defriend them afterwards.

I really appreciate anything you guys can do to help my paper out.
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From: [personal profile] semantics

I don't have a Twitter, but I would be happy to sign up to follow it. I still don't use Twitter, though. Do you think they'll notice an essentially empty account? (Or is this too many years of being trained to look for socks, training that people at your company won't have?)

From: [identity profile] taelow.livejournal.com

I don't think they'll recognise socks. Not with as many numbers as they're going to need to look through between all the papers.
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From: [personal profile] semantics

Awesome! Then Twitter and I are going to meet for the first time.

From: [identity profile] taelow.livejournal.com

I really tend to dislike Twitter because I don't .. really ... understand it? But if it's for work well
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From: [personal profile] fontech

Man, everyone I know uses Plurk for some reason. I added you though, hopefully it doesn't matter if I never update mine >_>;

From: [identity profile] taelow.livejournal.com

Haha I use Plurk. Twitter is just for my work and I don't use it other than that. And I don't think it'll matter at all!


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