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( Aug. 1st, 2010 08:22 pm)
Okay, so. I finally started watching the New BSG, since I've been watching the '78 version. I don't really think they're comparable because, while they're the same basic premise, each one is trying to tell a completely different story, but damned if I won't jot down some thoughts.

Keep in mind I'm only still in season one of NBSG, but pffft

- the first thing I noticed about NBSG was the lack of black characters, which I found odd. At first I was like 'damn, BSG Classic was more diverse than a show made in 2004.' Then I realised they just swapped black actors for Asian and was like 'coo, still wish Tigh was a hot black man'

- in that vein, I'm still reeeeally pleased with the amount of older men and women in this show. They are yummy

- one of the big differences I've noticed is the emphasis on characters. In BSGC, the plot mainly revolves around Adama, Apollo and Starbuck, with some scenes reserved for Tigh, Boomer and Boxie. In NBSG, there's a lot more emphasis on crew dynamics and inter and intra ship politics. It makes NBSG a lot more robust, but it also makes it a little more difficult to keep track of everyone. On the other hand, NBSG has like five seasons so

- the lack of Jane Seymour is criminal

- also what the hell, how did Boxie go from annoyingly adorable adopted son with the ugliest dog in the universe to upstart brat?

- needs more Leoben :| Could use less Caprica

- they could lay on the sex a little thicker, really

- Baltar is still a bastard, but NBSG's version is a lot more multi-faceted in his bastardry

- I squeed in the mini-series when it played the original theme song

- seriously, where's Jane Seymour? she was awesome

- I like the Cylons look like us bit, but I still love seeing the Centurions walking around

- living ships wheee. /geeks out

Okay I think I'm done


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