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( Aug. 15th, 2010 10:01 am)
✔ Meme time! Ask me to blog about any topic and I'll include it in my next entry.
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( Aug. 15th, 2010 04:34 pm)
osudbgobsgo why the fuck do I look at this site when I know it will anger me but just ousbgobs

FOR ONE: Obama has not had any conflicting statements on the damn mosque. Saying you aren't going to comment but thinking they have the right is not a goddamn conflict you fucking tards.

FOR TWO: Election year debate? Really?

FOR THREE: You bigoted fucks in the comments I can't even. These are nice gems, by the by:

Once the Islamics claim land for a mosque, it no longer is the domaine of the country, it can never be removed, and is simply another stake in the ground for Islam. The guy promoting this mosque, tells "his" people one thing, and america another. He says to them, their is NO dialoge between religions, He also Promotes sharia law as the way to overcome a "kingdom" or "democracy", so keep SLEEPING America.

* * *

maybe Americans would not have such a problem with this mosque if for one second they believed that it would truely be used for peaceful purposes or for bringing different cultures together. anyone can see that if this highly questionable imam felt this way and after all the oposition to it he would back off and move his mosque somewhere else. if as he claims this is to be a multicultural building why then is he right off the bat going to alienate seventy percent of Americans by building on this site?

* * *

b H o will NEVER serve a 4 year term, the American people will not tolerate his hatred toward them.

* * *

The United States constitution was written by our founding fathers for Americans, not foreigners. No foreigner in this country should be protected under our Constitution unless they are American citizens, period.

* * *



I just ... I cannot for the life of me understand why 'mosque' = OHMYGOD. Seriously. It's a holy place and if people bothered learning fuck all about other cultures maybe they'd realise this. God forbid this ever happened to Christians in another country; there'd be riots

Guys, I need some happy. Or at least intelligent debate. Help


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